The Idea behind Dearsouvenir

Dearsouvenir – Every three months the travel and shopping magazine brings you everything you need to know about what’s new in the world of travel, shopping, food and drink – and those special items that make the perfect souvenir by which to remember a journey long after is it finished. Dearsouvenir addresses individual and conscious travelers and stirs their wanderlust with its careful selection of highlight features, interactive elements and thrilling stories that allow you to explore foreign countries on your tablet and purchase an item you like with just one click. Trace your steps on the integrated map via the smartphone app.

Who’s behind this?

Wolfgang Macht (Netzpiloten AG) and Peter Bihr (The Waving Cat GmbH) had the initial idea for Dearsouvenir. They developed it in cooperation with Carry-On Publishing (the digital publishing house behind sisterMAG etc.) and launched the tablet-first magazine as a shared project in November 2015.

What to expect from Dearsouvenir

Dearsouvenir is a surprise with each new issue. While individual articles may be categorizes by travel terms like Departure, Arrival and Return our 2016 issues will have different times of day as their general theme. Associated edition titles like “#TGIF“ will provide a thread through each issue which the Dearsouvenir team flesh out with a colourful mixture of topics customized by our editorial staff: Current travel trends may be tied to historical events, ideas sent in from our readers may spark features on local cultures, trendy destinations and insider tips; topped of course with the most beautiful and fascinating souvenirs, exciting local businesses and a complete range of travel accessories.

Who creates the content?

Every issue of Dearsouvenir is the result of the input of a huge number of people – our network of contributors. More than 1.000 creative heads who provide us with a diverse mix of photographs, texts, illustrations, videos and sound. It all comes together at our editorial hub in Berlin where the design and layout are finalized and where each issue is produced, launched and marketed.

When choosing contributors we look for one thing above all: passion. We are looking for people who choose the topics on which they work because of their passion for them which is why we don’t just work with trained journalists; our network is predominantly made up of bloggers and other passionate experts. Our editorial staff check all contributions for facts, spelling and grammar before they are published :).

Find more information on how to become a contributor here.