The most important criterion for the selection of our contributors: Passion! Here we want to introduce all the passionate journalists, photographers, videographers, illustrators, bloggers etc., who work with us.

  • Helena Melikov

    Helena Melikov

    Graphic Design & Photographer

    At first Helena tried to get to us via email and (#shameonus) unfortunately must have been buried under the flood of emails that reaches us daily. Until Elisaveta from FernwehO Mag kindly reminded us of Helena and we’ll be grateful forever. Helena is now responsible for Dearsouvenir’s design.

  • Tanja Timmer

    Tanja Timmer


    We met Tanja through the power of the internet: We used Twitter to look for a translator and Tanja found us! And we found someone who has been supporting us with any kind of translation related tasks and issues for many years now.

  • Beth Walrond

    Beth Walrond


    Our first collaboration with Beth was her wonderful table of contents for our sister magazine sisterMAG. She has been filling white pages of sisterMAG, Lebenlang and Dearsouvenir magazines with her beautiful creations ever since.

  • Cristopher Santos

    Cristopher Santos


    We at COP barely can do without Cristopher Santos. In 2012 the fashion and lifestyle-photographer moved from Winnipeg/CA to Berlin and as a freelancer works on projects that include static as well as moving pictures. What we love about him? He’s always in a good mood, highly professional and always delivers  – and he’s always there when we need him.

  • Claudia Gödke

    Claudia Gödke


    In March 2013 we received an email with the subject line “photographer wanting to help”. So Thea decided to give her a try and sent Claudia the upcoming issues topics. Her reply knocked us off our feet: Only a short while later we received a full series of photographs with fantastic pictures. She has become a core contributor as well as our resident food expert.

  • Ashley Ludäscher

    Ashley Ludäscher


    Looking for expat blogs, Toni discovered Ashley and her blog Chasing Heartbeats, in which she writes about her live as an American in the Black Forrest, in Paris and in Offenburg, in 2011. In 2012 Ashley came to Berlin and gave herself and Toni the perfect opportunity to finally meet in person. She, however, sent her sister Thea for the very first cup of coffee which has developed into years of friendship and a fruitful collaboration with Ashley as a photographer.

  • Alexander Kords

    Alexander Kords

    Autor, Übersetzer & Lektor

    Alexander’s writer portfolio shows a definite penchant for football. So it is a mystery (to anyone but him – we hope?!) how he came to work for us but we are thankful he did! It all started with an email in August 2014 and since then he has been part of the team as an author, translator and editor.

  • Patricia Haas

    Patricia Haas


    Patricia first worked for us for our sister magazine Lebenlang. This engagement started a successful collaboration which soon extended to Dearsouvenir and sisterMAG. Patricia is now a regular contributing photographer and time and again manages to capture the perfect moment.

  • Claus Kuhlmann

    Claus Kuhlmann


    We met Claus through a contributor who has been with us from the very beginning: Victoria Kau who has written for „CVmag“ as well as sisterMAG and worked with Claus at an agency, Gretchen. We have collaborated with Claus on many successful video projects. Several of the videos on our YouTube channel are part of his portfolio.